Life doesn't give you a second chance to live the moment. But photos give you a  chance to grab the moment. All the big moments are obvious. The births, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and anniversaries. But get photographs of the real moments too. Your family and business now. The way your toddler looks up into your eyes and makes you burst with love. The way you are living and growing and hustling for your business. The way your partner looks back at you after 30 years of marriage with the same eyes but a soul stronger from trials and love and teamwork. The space that you worked so hard to curate and design and style for someone else to embrace and make their own. Those are the moments that make you feel the love or gratitude or accomplishment all over again. Let me photograph those. 

take the pictures, hug the friend, eat the caRrot cake

Heidi's Philosophy

My loves


1 ~ Musical theater is my fave of all faves.
2 - First job: Dairy Queen. I can still make a swirl, I just can't eat it.
3 ~ My husband and I met at Arizona State University. Go Devils!
4 ~ Love the smell of lemon and lime and all their friends.
5 ~ First dance song at our wedding: Metallica's Nothing Else Matters
6 ~ It's all about the Honeycrisp apple. I tolerate the rest.
7 ~ I have a tiny tattoo toe ring
8 ~ My fur baby, Roldy, runs the family. Sometimes in a sweater.

hello! I'm Heidi